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High-quality Todek Toddminer C1 for those who are after Eaglesong

When the time comes to forgo common mining algorithms, Eaglesong is happy to take the lead. It allows for mining Nervos CKB coins that are projected to surpass their all-time highs any minute. Buy Todek Toddminer C1 and stay among the lucky ones to witness the expansion of the Nervos network with your own eyes and crypto.

Going beyond ordinary performance

With the 1.6TH/s hash rate, Toddminer C1 is a new top performer on the block. In its full gear, it delivers at less than 0.9j/Gh of power efficiency, which is good for your electricity bills. If you’re eyeing the Eaglesong algorithm and haven’t put it to the test yet, you probably shouldn’t wait anymore.

This rig is compact and portable, with 4kg in weight. The unit’s cooling system is more than acceptable, with a couple of 70 dB fans woven into the box. As for operation, Todek Toddminer C1 is powered by a 12V power source, so it shouldn’t be an extra hassle to set it up. This will save you from unnecessary waiting when you get the rig.

Order Todek Toddminer C1 1.60TH for sale

Breaking into the Nervos CKB network can be exhausting. With this Eaglesong miner, however, it is even easier than with other algorithms. The process is instantly intuitive as soon as you do the unpacking and say hello to your new machine.

When you purchase Toddminer C1 online from Electronic Key Point, you’ll get it in its original setup with extra 3-month warranty coverage as our bonus (it isn’t supposed to replace the manufacturer’s warranty).

We are proud to provide a No Question Ask 60-day return policy, which also covers the C1 machine. But no worries — it won’t send the Toddminer C1 price into a rally. Check it out yourself!