Mining Hardware

Cryptocurrency mining hardware, accessories, and add-ons for your rig

So you’ve assembled a rig you can call your pride and joy. But making the most of it goes beyond just putting multiple GPUs together and leaving them unattended. Some serious upkeep and upgrades are necessary for any digital currency mining machine so that it has enough processing capabilities to mine, is well-powered throughout mining operations, and continues to be efficient.

Taking good care of your rig and adding whatever’s missing in it now is easy with Electronic Key Point. Whether you’ve opted to order mining machines that are ready to be deployed or are creating a unique setup, we have everything your mining equipment will ever need to maximize your rewards. With your rig at hand, take a deep dive into our selection of hardware essentials.

Best hardware to add to your crypto mining device

There’s room for improvement for any type of miner. Here’s what can help you upgrade yours:

  • Power supply units. If you use an ASIC, you need a lot of power to meet the power consumption needs of all its components. We have PSUs with up to 2,500W, perfect for the most demanding ASICs and GPUs.
  • Mining motherboards. A motherboard is the last thing you want to overlook when casting around for high-quality mining equipment for sale or building your own rig. Those with multiple PCIe slots can now do the trick for any setup, cryptocurrency, and algorithm.
  • PCIe risers. If replacement is not an option, motherboard upgrades pay off the most with PCIe risers. Adding them to your machine will allow you to install additional GPUs and ensure the highest mining performance using PCIe x16 slots. Some rearrangement and tweaks are all it takes to extend your setup’s capabilities beyond its default settings.
  • Multiport gigabit switches. More units mean more operations, which may overload your mining network. In this case, multiport switches are the best cryptocurrency mining hardware add-ons to de-stress your network and keep it efficient, secure, and fast. Besides, scaling up is easier when you have additional ports.

Buy crypto mining hardware online in the US and EU

Lots of mining enthusiasts in the US and EU choose Electronic Key Point as the ‘key point’ of their rig upgrades. And here’s why:

  • Instant upgrades for your mining pool or network without weeks of waiting for your hardware to arrive
  • 6+3-month warranty adds reliability to your setup and components
  • Refund option for all ill-fitting, damaged, and non-optimized hardware and accessories
  • Our prices for crypto mining machine hardware are lower than with Chinese manufacturers or other suppliers

Are you keen to place a bulk order? Electronic Key Point can handle it for almost any hardware piece.

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